Monday, July 1, 2013

Growing Up



While in New Mexico, I think Lilly watched all her other cousins walking and running and having fun and decided it was time she did too. We got back from New Mexico and she just took off walking!

The girls and Moms

Reading a story before bedtime.

Playing at the park. Again Lilly loved the sand!
Thank you Ms. Margie for doing such a great job cutting our hair!

Lilly is 16 months old and is finally getting her first haircut.  She did a great job!

Fun in New Mexico

Playing with cousin Jackson at Gigi and Papa's cabin.

I cannot believe that my little prissy Isabella was playing in dirt! I just had to take a picture! She loved digging for treasures!

Fun with cousins at the second annual family reunion! Bella loved playing with her cousins in jumper and water slide. The adults enjoyed watching, talking, and even playing too!

Lilly Ruth asleep in her Gigi's arms. The best place to be!

All the cousins got still enough to get a picture. I am so thankful that Isabella can hold her own with all these boys! Can't wait to see if Lilly is the same way!

Bryson and Bella stopped digging to pose for a picture.

Avery Island

Before heading to Houston, we went with Brian to Lafayette. He was visiting churches and we went to the zoo. When he finished, we headed to the Tabasco plant. Isabella loved learning about Tabasco as did Brian and I. Lilly took everything in.  We hope to go back soon! 

Fun at Houston

Really neat waterfall near the galleria in Houston.

The girls with a family friend we saw while in Houston. Shauna is a childhood friend of my mom's, I have known her since I was little. I babysat her kids when they were younger. She is family:).
Fun at the Houston Zoo.

The Beach

Bella and the beach


Ferry to Galveston

The girls enjoyed covering Brian up with sand.

Lilly loved eating the sand and Bella enjoy playing in it. Both girls were a little apprehensive of the water, but went out in it.  We spent a day at the beach since Brian had to be in Houston and it was just enough for our two!